This is a step by step process of bringing your vision of Heaven on Earth to life.

  • Create a clear mental image.
  • Bring it to life by writing with language that inspires action.
  • Use emotion to reveal nuance & specific steps.
  • Daily practice to keep you moving through time/space in the direction of your vision.

Are you ready to unleash the courage, passion and drive to your full potential? To know your purpose? To dream bigger than ever before? 

This course teaches the blueprint that will attract the life you’ve been longing for. You can expect to get to gain massive clarity and bring the life you’ve always dreamed about into your reality. Get ready to stretch your imagination of what is possible as you create your story, your Heaven on Earth.

The simple and elegant design of this blueprint holds a key vibration to bring things from the fifth dimension into the third dimensional reality. This vibration leverages the 14 fundamental laws of creation. It is designed so that you don’t have to understand all the science or mysticism behind it. Design Heaven on Earth is the course that allows anyone with imagination, faith and courage to realize their true power.

Every person on the planet has the ability to create their own Heaven on Earth. This course is intended to help you to realize the vision of Heaven on Earth that you hold in your heart and to manifest it. This may be to build a business empire, to experience true love, to have excellent health or to simply feel empowered and free. As you completes this course, the clarity of your purpose and how to get there is revealed in a dynamic, intentional and actionable way.

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  • Bonus - Commitment

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  • The Daily Ritual

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  • Bonus - Add Visual Imagery - the Evolution of our Heaven on Earth